Nyanza: Zero grazing increases crop production

Most farmers in Nyanza district were at first not happy with the decision to practice zero grazing, but with tangible results showing already, they can’t resist from rejoicing good productivity. 

Nyanza Zero grazing 


Photo: A zero grazed cow in a paddock


Komeza Eliel is a farmer who has been practicing zero grazing in Mukingo sector of Nyanza district. He says zero grazing has benefited him much better than before when he was doing land grazing.


He admits that he could waste a great quantity of manure and his cattle often contracted infections from other animals on the same land.


He said, “I now grow cabbages and tomatoes in the swamp and I use the manure from my animals. The production increased three times compared to what I used to get when I was still grazing on the land.


He also uses manure to fertilize his kitchen garden and even gives some to his neighbors.


Komeza Eliel says that zero grazing made him socialize with his neighbors. They give him banana peels for his cows in exchange of green manure.


In 2011, Eliel was able to harvest 3 tons of maize on a 1 hectare land, a production he got from applying manure from his zero grazing method.


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  1. moses ouma says:

    i have just learned about you through internet and i wanted to know more on dairy farming .
    and if it can do well in bondo district ,where can one get the right breed that can do well in siaya county.

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