Rwanda | Rusizi: Fish farmers expect huge products this season

Rwanda | Rusizi Fish farmers expect

In this coming fish season, Rusizi fish farmers are expected to harvest for the first time Tilapia in May 2012. This comes after the new breed was brought by the organization named PAGIELAC in October 2011.

Rusizi district agronomy Oscar Niyonsaba says that with the help of PAGIELAC, no doubt enormous harvests are expect come mid this year of 2012 since previously the breeds that were being reared had poor harvests and quality.

“This time around, PAGIELAC brought Tilapia after a series of research about the region of Rusizi’s conduciveness towards several types of fish.” Says Niyonsaba

According to Niyonsaba, PAGIELAC in partnership with the district has also gone an extra mile of providing trainings to fish farmers in order to equip them with advanced systems of fish rearing.

Rusizi district has 5 fish cooperatives with at least one in each of the following sectors of Gihundwe, Mururu, Muganza and Gashonga.


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