Rwanda | Burera: Importance of milk emphasized

Florence Uwambajemariya has highlighted that some of the Girinka beneficiaries have realized the importance of including milk to their diet.

Vice mayor for social welfare in Burera district Florence Uwambajemariya asserts “some families have taken decisions to give children milk and they do it through get together.”

While residents used to get together on local beer and be happy, milk replaced the beer nowadays as reveals Uwambajemariya.

Uwambajemariya confirms that some families in Gitovu sector have decided to give milk to other families with malnutrition problems so that malnutrition is eradicated in Burera district.

We continue to encourage all families in Burera district to give milk to their children so that they grow well, adds Uwambajemariya.

Sensitization program on giving children milk came as a result of some families that could sell all the milk leaving children with malnutrition problems.


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