Rwanda | Farming business booming in Gatsibo district

Gatsibo district residents in the eastern province, donates 40 cows to support the president’s program of one cow per family. This happened as President Paul Kagame toured development activities in the district.

The residents who were pleased to receive the president to thank him for giving them electricity and free education to their children, one of the resident, a woman testified in front of the president how one cow per family program has changed her family life and how she has benefited from the cow.

“My life has been changed since I was given the cow which now feeds my children and also earns me a daily income from milk sold. I also shared the benefits of the cow after it gave birth to my fellow resident with a bull to support her” Mukamugeni Vestinah.

A group of farmers from Gatsibo district gave out 40 cows to be distributed to other people through one cow per family program which was initiated by president Kagame to eliminate poverty and child malnutrition in villages.

After being sensitized to have zero grazing as the best way to boost their income, residents now want the government extend water nearer for their cattle which move for a long distance in search for water.

The President also visited Ndatemwa Rice Processing Factory, which was constructed by the Government in 2010. The plant, which serves Kanyonyomba and Rwagitima-Ntende rice fields which has processing capacity of 2.5 tonnes per hour.

Earlier in the week, the Head of State visited Ruhango district, Southern Province, where he opened a cassava processing plant worth 6 Rwf billion. The president also visited a banana plantation in Kiziguro, which belonged to a local farmer, Augustine Rukundo.

Rukundo started the plantation business on a small scale with just 32 banana seedlings and 0.25 hectares, leaps and bounds. Now the plantation produces more than 35 tones per week and generates 1.2 Rwf million per month.


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