Kamonyi: Fish farming commended as productive, affordable

Fish farming commended as productive, affordable

Some of the ponds with rabbit houses above water

Members of ‘Umurava fish’ cooperative that rears fish in Bigirwa swamp, Kabagesera cell, Runda sector in Kamonyi district have said that fish farming is affordable and yields highly.

Cooperative members say that fishes are easy to manage since they feed mostly on water and other cold blooded animals in ponds.

However, to increase the number of these animals fish feed on, members drop composite manure in ponds in addition to rearing rabbits above the water so that urine and waste fall into water.

Also, including crop residues like those of potatoes, cabbage leaves among others contribute to the health growing of the fish in ponds, “Umurava fish” cooperative members reveal.

‘Umurava fish’ cooperative started with 11 members in 2011 but had no knowledge on fish farming until after PAIGELAC (Inland Lakes Integrated Development and Management Support Project) under the ministry of agriculture trained them in 2011.

After training, PAIGELAC helped cooperative members to make fish ponds where every member contributed Rwf40000 to buy fish and securing other requirements.

Jean Baptiste Bakinahe, President of UMURAVA FISH cooperative asserts that ever since they started fish farming, they have harvested once and got 40 kilograms of fish which they sold at Rwf80000.

Bakinahe says that apart from earning income to the cooperative members, fish farming will help in the fight against malnutrition in the surrounding communities since residents are the primary customers.

Innocent Habimana, in charge of cooperatives in Kamonyi district highlight that with the help of PAIGELAC, other three cooperatives of fish farmers have been started in Kamonyi district.


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