Rwanda: RAB to promote professional fish farming

About 22 Rwandan fishers with big achievements than their fellows are on a three day training in Huye districting with effect from 21st January 2013 intending to become professional fishermen.

This training was prepared by Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), the international organization of food and agriculture (FAO).

RAB to promote professional fish farming

Many at times, fishermen got trainings but is this specific training any different from all the trainings they have got.

Gregoire Dusabemungu who is in charge of promoting fisheries and fishing in RAB said; “at first we gave them trainings about the basics of fish, what they need to survive and the stuff but now we want to make use of that knowledge and train them into professional fishermen.”

In this specific training, fishermen will be taught how to making fishing projects to provide them income and profits, how to prepare ponds for fishing, how to select good types of fishes to farm, how to do fish farming and how they can do it better for the project to be successful.

Fishermen who are in training will get time to do practice what they learnt to be able to apply what they were taught when they go back home. Fish is one of the most nutritious food but very expensive in Rwanda due to few people who do fish farming and what is produced in Rwanda to be of low quality prompting people to prefer fish from other countries.

Java Munyarubuga a professional fisherman in Nyanza district said it is not easy for them to get fish food to feed the fish for them to be of good quality.

“we used to get fish food as aid from Israel, personally I started getting them from Uganda but now there is a program that we will be taught how to make them and that’s the time will be doing professional fish farming and producing quality fish.”

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