Burera triples fish production

Burera triples fish production
Burera district says they have harvested the fish production they expected and much more than they expectations thanks to the modern way of fish farming.
Starting with 2012, Burera district had a goal of tripling the then fish production of 60 tons to 180 tons of fish every year.

This goal was finally achieved with the help of PAIGELAC that does fish farming and this year 2013, 183 tons and 317 of fish were harvested.
This harvest of fish was got due to use of Cage fish farming in the 25 fish ponds and in Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo.
“Lake Burera is so deep that most of big fish would swim to the bottom of the lake and we could only harvest small fish.”
“This was a problem to fish industry until the district management decided to change the methods of fish farming and devised Cage fish farming. The production has been great and we are grateful of the product ion we get now” says Eriazal Nkunzumucyo a fisherman.
Cage fish farming is very popular for aiding fish to grow well because of the best way of feeding the fish altogether.

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