Nyabihu: REMA to support Youth Cooperatives in poultry farming

m_REMA to support Youth Cooperatives in poultry farming

One of the buildings where poultry farming will be done 

Two youth cooperatives made of people evacuated from Gishwati forest are to be supported by Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) in poultry farming, according to authorities.

 One of the cooperatives is made up of the youth from Bikingi village in Bigogwe sector and the other is of the youth from Mukamira sector. All were evacuated from Gishwati forest.

According to Vincent Gasore one of the youth in Binkingi village, the youth who had the same goal came together for poultry project aiming at making a better living. The cooperative is made up of 30 young women and 20 young men that will be financially supported by REMA in poultry farming and mushroom growing.

The buildings to operate in are already built in both sectors and the youth are ready to startup the project.

According to Jean de Dieu Nabimana the REMA official in Nyabihu District, REMA decided to support the youth in the two cooperatives to improve the welfare of the cooperative members.

Nabimana added, REMA intends to conserve land by reducing continuous cultivation. This can only be done by making youth realize other means of survival apart from crop farming by promoting activities such as poultry farming.

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