Nyamagabe: VUP Program beneficiaries engage in pig farming

About 290 vulnerable residents in Musange sector in Nyamagabe District who are beneficiaries to the Vision Umurenge Program (VUP) have managed to save about Rwf10.2 million for piggery project.

m_VUP Program beneficiaries engage in pig farming

The piggery is under construction

With the support of Musange sector, the poor people saved their allowances from VUP Umurenge program. They are now ready to use these savings in realizing the pig farming project that will make each of them a farmer.

According to Patricia Nyiramisiyoni the representative of VUP Umurenge beneficiaries, the monthly cash handed to them individually is not enough to develop each of them unless it is collected and saved in bulk.

m_VUP Program beneficiaries engage in pig farming 2

The pig farming project will contribute to their social and economic development

“We decided to put this money together for pig farming. When these pigs reproduce, each member will get a piglet while others will be reared in general kraal for large economic development” explained Nyiramisiyoni.

The project will start with 20 pigs and slowly bring in more pigs and expand the project according to Shemsa Habimana the officer for social affairs in Musange sector.

Apart from investing their beneficiary funds into pig farming, the poor and vulnerable members of VUP Musange also invested their money in cassava growing with every cell in this sector growing two hectares of cassava.

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