Gishwati: Bee keepers’ forum increases production

Residents from Rubavu, Nyabihu and Rutsiro districts who practice bee keeping in Gishwati say bee keeper’s forum has improved their living standard.

Bee keepers’ cooperatives from Rubavu, Nyabihu and Rutsiro districts formed a forum dubbed UNICOAPIGI that have increased the production of honey in the recent years.

Bee keepers reveal that in 5 years of coming together, they harvest 16 tons of honey unlike in the previous years.

They commend American international development project for building a honey collection house in Rugerero sector.

Marie Chantal Nyirakamineza, coordinator of Bee keepers’ cooperative forum (UNICOAPIGI) says bee keeping takes them time but generates more income.

He advises youth to exploit opportunities around them and create income generating projects rather than being unemployed.

The forum is made up of six cooperatives with 657 members of whom 200 are women.


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