Nyagatare: Farmers get tips on veterinary laboratory use

m_Farmers get tips on veterinary laboratory use

Veterinary laboratory house-Nyagatare

Nyagatare district farmers have been tipped on modern veterinary laboratory use, to protect livestock from diseases and increase dairy production.

The veterinary laboratory helps to detect diseases and appropriate treatment is immediately given to the animals. Veterinary Laboratories still face challenges.

“Negative attitude is the cause of less turn up for veterinary services. Farmers treat animals without finding out the actual disease,” says Doctor Justin Zimurinda, representative of Rwanda Animal Resources Development Authority (RADA) in Nyagatare district.

“Farmers should be sensitized more on the importance of veterinary laboratory. Most of them are unaware of its existence,” says Steven Rwamurenzi, a farmer.

m_Farmers get tips on veterinary laboratory use1

Microscope in the veterinary laboratory in Nyagatare district

The veterinary laboratory detects diseases brought by ticks, worms among others. The laboratory also vaccinates livestock against Foot and mouth, anthrax and other diseases.

A modern veterinary laboratory was constructed in Nyagatare district, Eastern Province, as part of Government’s plan to enhance, detect and respond to diseases that can affect the livestock sector.

Nyagatare district hopes to become a major exporter of meat products to supply the demand internationally, the laboratory comes in handy.

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