Ngororero Girinka Beneficiaries give back 111 cows


Over 6877 families have been given cows in Girinka program in Ngororero district

111 residents in Ngororero district got cows from the beneficiaries of Girinka program, an initiative of H.E Paul Kagame launched in 2006 with the objective of poverty alleviation and im­proving nutrition among poor families.

This took place during Girinka week that was held from June 2nd to 6th June 2014 in Ngororero district.

“It’s meant to educate residents in cells and sectors how to care for the cows and benefit from them,” said Francois Bizimana, in charge of livestock in Ngororero district.

Ngororero district plans to give out cows to 7000 families by 2017 as pledged in performance contracts.

6877 households in Ngororero district have so far received cows under Girinka program.

Out of 5550 cows that have been given in Girinka program in Ngororero, 1327 cows came from the program beneficiaries to other vulnerable residents.

The One Cow Per Family program (Girinka) was started by President Paul Kagame after seeing that a big number of Rwandese children under the age of 5 years were malnourished.

The program aims at giving a cow to a poor family to quickly move out of poverty and fight malnutrition by getting milk to drink and selling the rest to obtain cash income. In addition, the manure from the cow is used to improve soil fertility to increase crop production.

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