Burera: More families to benefit in Girinka program

m_Girinka program

With Girinka program thriving and changing lives of countless Rwandans both socially and economically, more 1200 families are to benefit from this program.

Burera district pledges to keep promoting Girinka program through giving cows to the vulnerable and poor families in the 2014-2015 financial year.

Burera district officials, under the performance contracts pledged to give out 1200 cows to the families in the district.

The 1200 cows will be additional to6, 2230 cows that have been distributed to the vulnerable residents of Burera district since the introduction of Girinka Program by the President Paul Kagame in 2006.

The cows to be given to the poor families comes as a result of those who benefited from program giving back the first calf produced by the cow to the next neighbour and cycle keeps growing.

Since its inception over 93, 000 cows were distributed in the district. Residents of Burera district uphold the Girinka program concept.

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